How To Change Pastel Invoice Layout With New 15% VAT

How To Change Pastel Invoice Layout – The New 15% VAT

So you don’t know how to change Pastel invoice layout before the new VAT rate of 1 April 2018?

Simply follow this step by step guide (or download at the bottom) to easily change over to 15% VAT on your Pastel invoices and quotes.

Using Sage One Online? Here’s how to easily change to 15% VAT on Sage One.
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Just to be safe: Although this method should ensure automatic roll-over to the new VAT, you may want to do this either on 31 March, after your last invoice is processed for the day, or on April fool’s day before you start work. Pun intended here, because it still kind of feels like a bad April fool’s joke that this change is made on such short notice 🙂

Be that as it may, let’s dive right in to the process of rolling over to the new 15% VAT pricing structure in Sage Pastel.

Side note: You don’t have to do anything if you use Sage One cloud accounting, as their system is already updated with the new VAT rates. At the time of writing this article, you can manually change the VAT amount on your Sage One invoices and quotes. We are of the opinion that they will set this new VAT amount as default after 1 April.

In Pastel, You can’t change a VAT item that’s been used. You have to create a New VAT Item…here’s how:

  1. Open your 2018-2019 Company
    Then open your Tax settings (Setup / Tax / General Settings) (only available in Sole access mode)
  2. Change the end date of your VAT-01 to 31/03/18
  3. Rename the “VAT – Standard Rated” to VAT – Standard 14%
  4. Add to last open line (in this case 11) VAT – Standard 15%
    Tax Rate to 15%
    Start date 01/04/18
    End date 31/12/50
  5. Go to your Box Layout in your General Settings
    Write down all your entry types, with the number allocated to each one in column 01
    E.g. CB 1 Payments (DR) = 15
    CB 1 Payments (CR) = 15
    CB 1 Receipts (DR) = 01, etc.
  6. Use your list in step 5 to complete each field in column 11 (corresponding number as in step 4) until you have reached the last entry type, ensuring that your list in column 1 equals column 11
    Press OK to complete
  7. You will receive a note to confirm your changes…press OK
  8. Go to Setup / Customers / Control
  9. Tick VAT-11 to be your default Tax Type
    Press OK to confirm
  10. Repeat the same step to change the Default Tax Type for Suppliers Control
    Press OK to confirm

  11. Go to Setup / Inventory to change the Default Tax Type for Inventory
  12. Go to Integration / Groups
    Select VAT-11 on all Buy and Sell columns for each Code to update the Default Tax Type
    Press OK to confirm
  13. Go to Bank Processing
  14. Open your first Bank (01) in the Payments Tab
    Click on Settings at the bottom of the screeen
  15. Change the default Tax type to 11
    Press CLOSE to confirm
  16. Repeat the process for all your Cash Books (02) and onwards
    Repeat Step 15 on the Receipt Tab, and also for all your Cash Books
    Remember to process all Credit Notes prior to 1 April 2018, in March, else your VAT rate will be incorrect!

That’s it! You are now ready to invoice at the new 15% VAT Rate.

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To Download this guide on How To Change Pastel Invoice Layout For The New 15% VAT Rate, click below.

How to change your VAT in Pastel to 15%



  1. Hi Loren,
    Firstly you must make sure that your Description Field of your “Old VAT of 14%” has been changed as per step 3.
    I have also noticed that Pastel changes the VAT automatically to 00, when you start to process in April.
    Go back to your VAT field and choose VAT15% with the down arrow. Then you can continue with your processing.
    Once March has been completed, do a Period Increment (from your CHANGE-menu), to clear all 01-VAT processing.
    That should solve your problem!

  2. hi Ayanda,
    If I understand you correctly…your VAT amount is correct, but the wording “14%” still appears on the invoice?

    If so, you will have to edit your invoice layout in Forms Designer to correct the wording to “15%”
    Finite Training

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