Where do I file my UIF declaration__

UIF not corresponding with SARS submissions

UIF not corresponding with SARS submissions

Even tough you are submitting your SARS EMP201 monthly declarations, its no guarantee that your UIF declarations will be up to date.
Moreover, the best way to solve this, is by submitting your monthly UIF declarations file directly from your Payroll, as far back as possible (but at least a year).

Submitting UIF submissions from Payroll:

  • Complete the UIF registration number under your statutory fields, (e.g 1234567/8), and not only the UIF reference number starting with an “U”
  • Then you email month by month to declarations@labour.gov.za
  • Ensure that you receive a reply email back with “received – no errors”
  • In the case that there are errors, correct and repeat each incorrect submission

Submitting UIF declarations from U-Filing:

If your Payroll data are not available that far back, or you can’t fix the errors any more, then use U-Filing to submit
UIF not corresponding with SARS submissions – what you need to know about UIF
  • Firstly you create & register as an U-Filing user (either as Employee / Employer / Tax Practitioner)
  • Secondly you complete the Company details
  • As Practitioner, create each of your Employers under Declarations Manager
  • see uFiling Declarations Manager
  • Thirdly you upload Employees manually (less than 3)
  • or Upload Employees using the Bulk Upload assistant (3-100 employees)
  • From Employment Summary screen:
  1. Employees can be viewed / edited
  2. Declarations can be viewed / edited

Once all your declarations are uploaded correctly, they will appear in a 5-year summary all in green (Declaration submitted)

Review & correct all the months that still appear in orange (Declaration Allowed) or red (Declaration Issues)

​Find screenshot of uFiling declarations view

*** Finally find uFiling System User Guide 

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